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DAS Canada is a full-service legal expense insurer. We empower individual, business and group clients when they are faced with unexpected legal issues. We do this by offering two types of legal expense insurance: Before-The-Event (BTE) insurance, and After-The-Event (ATE) insurance.  

Before-the-Event insurance:

DAS offers standalone policies to individuals, businesses, and groups. A DAS policy provides financial protection against costly legal expenses, allowing clients to defend or pursue any legal matter to the fullest and giving them unlimited access to legal advice. BTE insurance covers legal costs for disputes that arise within the period of insurance.

After-the-Event insurance:

DAS provides legal expense coverage that can be purchased by individuals who need to pursue legal action for a legal dispute that has already occurred. This insurance is purchased through lawyers at the outset of a case and will cover disbursements and adversary costs in the event of an unsuccessful case. ATE insurance mitigates financial risk for clients and protects the disbursement investments lawyers make to run a case. Premium is only payable if the case is successful.

At DAS we believe everyone should have equal access to justice! For more information on DAS Canada, please visit the DAS website.

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