Nicolas Joubert

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Why did you join the CBA?

So I joined the CBA immediately after accepting my offer to go to law school it's the second thing I did after responding to the University of Ottawa and I joined because of two things, it's an incredible networking opportunity to meet fellow students, young lawyers, practicing lawyers, judges, all kinds of members of the legal profession, but it's also an opportunity for you to have a say in the profession that you're hopefully going to spend many happy years practicing in.

What do you value most about the CBA?

Any event that you attend you get different perspectives from people that are practicing in

different areas of the law that come from different places in this country and you get to hear what some of their concerns are and you're always surprised to hear that some of their concerns are the same concerns that you have even though they might be in Yellowknife or in St. John's Newfoundland or in Victoria. It's great to hear all those perspectives and it's great to meet those people, it's great to shake some hands, get to know some people from coast to coast, people that you would have otherwise not necessarily had an opportunity to meet, it's important to get involved to build your network and to have a chance to have a chat with those people.

Why should a law student join the CBA?

It's a chance to meet professionals that are forty years into their practice, [professionals] that have just been called to the bar, there's a wide range of people that are members of the CBA and it's a good chance to have face time with those people but also it's an opportunity to branch out and experience different things.

At law school you're very limited in the classes that you can take and if you have a particular interest in animal law, let's say, you may not have an opportunity to take a class in animal law but you can get involved with a CBA or OBA or provincial branch section on that area of the law and you can get to work with a committee or draft a proposed resolution or work on a piece of legislation and you get an opportunity to get your hands on some very interesting work so you get to network with people and get to really sort of broaden your experiences in the type of work that you're exposed to.

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