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CBA Influence | September 2018

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Broadening our Influence

The CBA’s Policy Committee and member volunteers stay busy all year speaking to governments, courts and regulators on your behalf. And we’d like you to know more about it. This monthly newsletter features a compendium of blog posts about recent CBA initiatives, and status reports on proposed federal legislation, regulatory changes and government consultations.

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Help wanted: Leaders like you

You’ve been honing your skills – in leadership, judgment, assessing complex legal issues. You want new challenges. Interested in becoming a Commissioner or Chair of the International Joint Commission, or in being Superintendent of Bankruptcy? How about a seat on the federal bench? Well step right up – those positions and more are open, all you need to do is apply. Check out federal appointment oopportunities and open positions on the bench. The government considers bilingual proficiency and diversity in filling these positions. Are they looking for you? Look here for provincial and territorial opportunities.

Take care of the caregivers: Recommendations for the IRCC

With Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s caregiver pathways set to expire next year – and the government committed to improving the program – the CBA’s Immigration Law Section has some ideas for how the next iteration could be better.

Response to CCMR draft prospectus: Harmony is the key

One of the major hurdles facing a national securities regulator is harmonizing rules between the participating provinces. The CBA’s Business Law Section comments on a draft prospectus.

Time to let charities and not-for-profits make money

The CBA’s Charities and Not-for-Profit Section tells the Finance Department that one of its priorities for the upcoming budget should be creating an environment where charities and not-for-profits can make money.

SOGIC calls for Canada to take leadership role on LGBTI2S issues

Canada needs to take a leadership role on LGBTI2S issues, SOGIC told the federal government ahead of an international Equal Rights conference held in Vancouver this past August.

Time for Canada’s Constitution to be fully bilingual

Many Canadians would be astonished to know that the Constitution of this bilingual country is not, itself, bilingual, the CBA’s French Speaking Members Section says.

C-43 plus C-46 equals disproportionate penalties for immigrants

Take the harsh measures of 2013’s Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act and add to them the definition of impaired driving as “serious criminality” and it adds up to disproportionate penalties for immigrants.

Technology could help streamline, accelerate IRB’s work

The Immigration and Refugee Board has a number of resource and efficiency issues, but we should look to technology – and not another layer of bureaucracy – to deal with them, says the Immigration Law Section.

First rule of immunity and leniency program: Do less harm

The Competition Bureau has incorporated many of the recommendations made in earlier consultations into its proposed changes for its Immunity and Leniency Programs. But there are more improvements to be made.

Are market studies in the Competition Bureau’s remit?

The CBA’s Competition Law Section responds to a bulletin from the Competition Bureau describing how the Bureau selects and conducts market studies.

Harmonization strikes the right chord in pension policy

The CBA’s Pension and Benefits Section shares its perspective on pension solvency funding with the federal Finance Committee.

Tribunal practice directions must consider funding available to claimants

Keep your eye on the money. Stability and availability of funding for claimants is an important part of the Aboriginal Law Section’s message to the Specific Claims Tribunal.

National registry makes sense for unlocatable pension plan members

What does a pension administrator do when it has benefits to pay out but can’t find the payee? And when does it give up the search? The CBA’s Pension and Benefits Law Section responds to CAPSA’s consultation on the subject of unlocatable members.


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CBA Focus on Parliament is a regular compendium of federal government bills, draft regulations, selected private members’ bills and other government initiatives. The CBA Legislation and Law Reform department has compiled this list for leaders of CBA Sections and Committees, as an overview of recent federal issues on which they may wish to comment.